The explosion of the economic development of our planet consumes a vast amount of energy, more than is reasonable, which is threatening the ecological balance of our planet, it is time to regulate and control our energy consumption by the use of innovative societal and technical solutions.

       For a management of energy that is:




In order to improve energy distribution in our society, we are working with innovative technological projects which will lead to control of energy output at minimal cost


Private or public buildings, for housing or professional purposes are too often energy "colanders" . Despite the norms that restrict professionals (rt2012), it is clear that 80% of buildings do not reach  this standard in France and are  nonexistent elsewhere .... In particular, we must re-design the way we build and live in  our homes for a better way of life,  combining the following elements:

  • Consume less energy by rethinking how we build and innovating in choice of  materials and methods of construction.
    *Better community living by more sharing  (co-operative use of resources, ...),
    *Use new technologies (domotic, connected objects, multiplex electricity, Artificial Intelligence etc) to intelligently and ethically observe consumption, regulate it with flexibility,
    *Make  innovative economic solutions available to members of the profession thus giving access  to them for everyone .
    * Improve  energy management in large complexes, and provide technological solutions for  use by manufacturers.

By means of its holding and its PO.FI investment fund, MFoundation supports the development and entry into the market of these innovations to be integrated into the development of "augmented digital technology", in particular, "Yellow gold",  being a combination of democratised digital solutions based on principles of construction directed towards "economy" and "management" of energy assisted by artificial intelligence (A.I.) (Muxelec Project)

Within the boundaries of "Yellow Gold" M.Foundation deploys and supports  societal and social activities  including those integrating the storing of information to  provide help for the individual in cooperation with local authorities ... ( HQS project)

M.Foundation promotes the emergence of a harmonious link between people and home regardless of  geographical location, by means of  ecological technological assistance which  minimizes the carbon footprint  by using green energy.

The implementation of  Yellow Gold is achieved by encouragement, initiation, training and the support of M.Foundation for the inception of the "augmented city",  generator of comfort and quality of life.

Artificial Intelligence

By offering results that are sometimes better than those produced by manual user control,  Artificial intelligence integrates  behaviour modification in order to render the use of energy more safe in a simple and proactive manner .

Artificial intelligence is equally useful both for the energy provider and theconsumer. Thus the consumer can know the prix immediately and adjust his consumption accordingly.

We often find ourselves obliged to put up with our levels of energy consumption. Artificial intelligence is used to deliver and keep a check on the distribution of all energies. From a technical point of view it can take the form of an intelligent meter linked up to the activator to check on the state of the network .


Responding to a new energy model

The demands of carbon levels in future installations oblige us to equip and supervise buildings in a much more precise fashion so that we can check on consumption and respond immediately in order to avoid unnecessary expense.

The complexity of the functioning of current equipment demands the development of a permanent assistance to ensure total safety for the user.

Individualised supervision of consumption and waste will oblige supervisors (of appartment blocks etc) to install powerful control systems. If this change is to be practicable, equipment and technique must both be affordable.