Access to a liveable and sustainable habitat is a choice and a legitimate right for everyone.

Unfortunately, despite the wealth produced, we find that while the privileged live in large and beautiful homes, others, members of the same nation, try to sleep under porches of buildings or under makeshift shelters., even finding refuge in cemeteries which may even be transformed into a township...

The production of buildings is increasingly industrialized and still emits CO2


M.Foundation, through its holding company under the brand name PO.Média and its investment fund PO.FI supports the entry into the market of a new patented material, multi-purpose and totally natural and eco-friendly in terms of its manufacturing,  called "White Gold".

This material, when combined with other materials makes it possible, for example, to obtain extraordinary characteristics such as the ability to manufacture concrete by combining desert sand and seawater; more flexible, more resistant, both mechanically and against fire than traditional concrete, it also makes it possible to mould metal, ...

This is implemented by moulding in simple moulds (silicone, etc) , by projection or by injection using a 3D printer.

The nature of its components and its means of realisation make it a perfectly democratised solution accessible to disinherited populations, victims of meteorological cataclysms, often living in huts made of planks and metal sheets.