The Hyppocorne is a magical animal: a combination of the hippocampus with generous belly from which thousands of offspring emerge, and the unicorn who knows how to perform miracles despite its apparent fragility ....


From this we derive the following legend that Mr.Foundation intends to make a reality:

              "The Hyppocorne, fabulous horse, transports people, enslaved and cut off from reality by the web, from the banks of the River of Dreams towards the Land  of " Sustainable Desire" There they are seen as unique, free, and their easy access to citizenship and culture fosters in them a growing  respect for fellow beings: this is "Augmented Humanity". D.M.


... it is in the continuity of this legend that once  Mauduit Foundation has made its mark, , it will initiate, incite and support including financially,  a powerful cultural dynamic, especially with the birth of the augmented Internet. Its local PO associations will be heavily involved in achieving these goals.