MFoundation can only be effective and respected for the positions it takes , including those addressed to Heads of States, if each one takes supportive action in parallel, in particular by setting up local PO. associations .

MFoundation is convinced that only local actions have the necessary flexibility to bring about masse action.

With this in mind, MFoundation proposes a participation in both local and national activities by using the "e.democracy" toolbox

Each one of us, whether in a hamlet, a village or a suburb, can engage the dynamic borne by Mr.Foundation to its territory by   creating a local PO association.

To this end, Mr.Fondation has created statutes and internal regulations, ; only by respecting these can  authorisation of a local PO  association be achieved, with services and means to carry out its actions.

If you would like to create a local association, please contact us with the form below.

Formulaire de contact