It is founded on a legal and technical organisation appropriate to its ambitions. To initiate this movement,, M.Foundation refers to an improved legal organisation, in the spirit of the PBC (Public Benefit Corporation) which is a combination of three balanced objectives called the 3P rule adopted for example by Danone in the USA:

P= Profit, P = Person, P = Planet

MFoundation proposes to move from this little-known legal status to the PBC +, which combines the world of participants in this change, amongst which the foundations of ethics, and that of the best for humanity,. Thus the creation  of a new socio-economic world is begun.

To this end, in order to participate in the constitution of the virtuous circle that will lead to the sanctuarisation of Humanity, the configuration of the organisation set up by Mauduit Foundation is as follows:

MFoundation hopes that other initiatives complementary to its own, will be taken to support in situ all the civic organisations which, today, work for a better, more equitable world, and its condition of cultural development sine qua non  to the democratic construction of a harmony between the citizens of the planet, for the benefit of future generations.

MFoundation can only be effective by means of local relays. This is the reason why it promotes the local creation of associations (PO associations) that relay its actions and organizes such actions with the objective of achieving the democratic sanctuarisation of Humanity.

These associations are represented in a national confederation of local PO associations : the Confederation PO France etc.

As M.Foundation is an international organization, each confederation has a representation in order to harmonize and converge actions. IWhilst the Federation fights for recognition that every person has the right to sanctuarisation, it also intends to highlight that this same person has  responsibilities including  that of being ethical and acting within the limits of his own contextual security ( authoritarian State etc...).

MFoundation identifies and fights against networked and porous techno-structures, in particular those directed towards general financing  which, by their behaviours and decisions, go against  the movement of the sanctuarisation of People and Planet.  Through its confederations, it reserves the right to take legal action.