The Foundation’s Philanthropic Activity


MFOUNDATION directs two specific levers :

a scheme launching appeals for projects,

a strategy for specific defined actions

The foundation is supported by a school of qualified people for developing its action plans; these are based on an analysis to determine urgency and future prospects.

Its range of activity extends to include the various driving forces which together, converge to create a new  peaceful world.

This objective implies a collaborative and innovative approach ; one that enables it to raise up the weakest and poorest peoples of the world to the equitable standard defined by the « Charter for the Rights of Augmented Humanity». 


 The Foundation's philanthropic intervention





The corollary to life is Health


Good health is maintained by prevention, treatment, eating habits and the environment. All these can be summed up by the term " Green Gold".


During the time of the first two life-cycles of human life on the blue planet,  human activity had the effect of either enriching or destroying the factors acting positively on our health.


                from treatment using                          from natural                           from a Nature  that is

                natural sources                                     foods                                        dominant                     



               to treatment                                      to foods that are                 to a nature that is technically

         from chemical sources                         chemically enhanced              and chemically attacked


The consequences are:


*1- Loss of knowledge and know-how of natural and inherited health care remedies, destruction of  our store of knowledge and its continuity by interests born of cupitalism.

*2- A growing pollution of the planet which refuses to take into consideration  the impact of our behaviour and our decisions, both at a personal and national level.

To correct this situation we have to turn to education, to targeted information and to alternative propositions.  We need to establish a compulsory legal structure on an international scale. 

MFOUNDATION responds to this need by its ethical support for gathering knowledge, initiating solutions for  finding a balance between the two extremes:" totally natural" and "totally artificial". 




1. The Health component

MFOUNDATION uses the work of project leaders such as Dr. Laurent Moreau who is planning to gather information about natural molecules known to be efficient in treatment of illness.


2.- Our Food

The work of M.FOUNDATION  echoes that of consumer associations.


3. Protecting Nature

MFOUNDATION acts as prescriber under the heading "Neutral Gold" and as an actor by initiating "Blue Gold"                                                                                                                         


Mauduit fondation vous remercie pour votre don.

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Arguments in favour being numerous,  awareness of its excesses constanty increasing,  the time has come to bring out a new Internet.  The context is one of expectations of multiple and extended services which will benefit  both individual users and legal entities (companies, Nations, etc ).


In line with its legal concept of  the sanctuarisation of Humanity,M.Foundation and PO.FI  (Investment fund) are delivering and supporting  the advent of an augmented digital technology  .

It is made up of a series of  toolboxes, which enable it  to find a new equilibrium for what's available on the market, Thus it will benefit equitably and democratically all users, from the weakest to the most powerful. This augmented digital technology  is structurally a factor of a cultural evolution by the typology of its navigation, by its agility and its application for startups which is  particularly favorable for local development. In addition, it is destined  to break both the intolerable spiral of "corrupted" data storage  and the increasing electricity consumption which,  by its generation of CO2, continues to destroy the resources of our planet.