Created in 2016 on the initiative of Daniel Mauduit, MFoundation works for the sanctuarisation of human beings, Nature, and the adoption of "sustainable desire" © as a common precept of humanity.

MFoundation's mission is to support the emergence of technical and cultural innovations, their diffusion allowing every human being to live decently and to evolve equably within a vibrant cultural context.

MFoundation shares its actions with the key motivators of this evolution (foundation, .NGO's, public authorities, municipalities etc.) ...) with no territorial exceptions.

MFoundation conducts philanthropic actions for the benefit of deprived populations, both on an individual level and collectively.

MFoundation supports the statute of Augmented Humanity


The body and mind of the human being must be recognized as sacrosanct by humanitarian organisations, each one of us being indefinitely sovereign of its use within a context of respect for each other.

Human beings and the public, social, economic and spiritual organisations that govern their daily lives will be sensitised to the need to preserve the planet's resources, to distribute them equitably and to use them by imposing a behaviour compatible with the "development of sustainable desire ", a key element in respect for others.


          -  respect for others,
          -  rejection of "merchandise money",
          -  opposition of exploitants of the work force (underpaid work, forced prostitution, ...),
          -  denunciation of killer ideologies,
          -  universal protection of fauna, flora, exactions of economic predators, ...



The media carries out investigative operations aimed at revealing the why and the wherefore of political acts, the harmful effects of inappropriate use of chemistry and so on,  that any democracy, by its very nature, should highlight and anticipate, since as a general rule, the technology exists  to do so.

The whistleblowers are valuable for the advent of a fair and equitable society. However, a lone whistleblower endangers his professional and social life . M.Foundation intends to encourage and relay any information relevant to the sanctuarisation of Humanity, using its augmented digital technology and by virtue of its own ethic and values.

The NGO's, consumer associations and citizens can make known and make understandable the dangers and obstacles that line the route of populations towards this objective.


Desire is expressed in the wish to satisfy a material or immaterial want for one's own benefit or that of a third party.

Sustainable desire takes into account the consequences of the satisfaction of this desire for oneself or someone else.

The integration of the sustainable dimension is thus a moderating and responsible factor of the action taken to satisfy this desire.

The concept of sustainable desire is therefore in opposition to the notion of " all for me", or  "every man for himself", paving the way for the emergence of and access to a sharing society..

It implies a cultural mutation, an apprenticeship to sharing that only a civil  and collective education can achieve, eac,h at his own level, being responsible for the preservation of the general well-being.

Global warming, perhaps natural, is dangerously increased by human overactivity which accelerates its development; it is a prime factor for realising the need to discipline any individual behaviour harmful to  the collectivity and supported by the actions of Mr.Foundation.

The scarcity of resources, especially water, obliging  populations to migrate, confirms a need for awareness, reflection and the action that Mr.Fondation promotes.


Major societal changes occur only through the meeting of leaders motivated by the outcome of a cause and the decision of citizens to promote its inception, which implies a sufficiently strong collective awareness in  public opinion .

Mobilisation can only occur from clear and simple concepts.

That is why, Mr. Foundation is committed to arousing awareness in both individuals  and local collectivities  where they work, or carry out social or cultural activities, based on the notion of "Sanctuarization" of "tMankind "and the Planet ".

While the Foundation accompanies and implements technological developments that respect the objective of sanctuarization, it has neither the monopoly of awareness nor the capacity to act alone. This is why it promotes collective action with the NGOs, associations, ... and ethinauts.

Mr.Fondation considers that technological progress is a necessary step in allowing everyone to access a legitimate, reasonable, sustainable living comfort, whilst  protecting the planet. However, the increasingly powerful use of it demands good and true information.



MFoundation acts


MFondation stipulates the inscription of the principle of sanctuarisation of mind and body of all citizens in the constitution of the UN, the first article  representing a common ,fundamental foundation trunk binding all the nations of the planet.

To this effect we are going to suggest , in France, a national consultation proposing to clean up the UN Charter

This operation, originally planned to take place in December 2018, has been postponed due to the  media attention being monopolised by the "Yellow Jacket" movement.


MFondation supports those innovative ecological solutions that provide enough water to satisfy the basic needs of every person. The Foundation also supports the creation of the AD.Mer programme off seawater desalination and also the "Depol'eau" programme of recovering water used in agriculture.


MFondation promotes ecological solutions for the construction and management of durable homes regardless of local climatic conditions. The Foundation supports the "Minealithe" programme of introduction of a new material that is 100% ecological, made from natural resources and usable in a variety of situations, including the provision of homes.


MFondation promotes ethical digital devices that link up  people in a context of sustainable development and which promotes a  circular economy.

MFoundation offers support to the birth of a new digital tool which respects both the individual and his environment.


MFondation facilitates the creation and distribution of virtuous transaction tools that ensure sustainable economic stability, protecting the most vulnerable populations, as an alternative to "commodity money".