Mankind has become all-powerful thanks to technology; we consume without measure forgetting that the resources of the planet are limited whilst  the world population continues to grow.

 Mankind's actions to:

  • Improve his comfort (heating, air conditioning, ...),
  • Optimize his production of goods and services by acting without restraint or conscious assessment of the consequences on fauna and flora (physical and chemical destruction of species, industrialised deforestation etc)

which are seriously destabilising the balance of our planet's functioning, generating a global warming, the pollution of the atmosphere, the transformation of the oceans into a rubbish dump, ... They continue their headlong race to disaster, sometimes even under directives by Heads of State.

Collective awareness of the urgent need to act is still not definitively and universally present nor is it reflected - or hardly - in political decisions.

In fact, political parties focus on immediate issues such as the presence of migrants on territory that they do not want to share, preferring to incite rejection rather than the notion that sharing is constructive and beneficial for the economy...

...Mauduit Foundation is committed to supporting the "first in line" (citizens, associations, foundations, NGOs, etc who fight on a daily basis to stop this rush of destruction accelerated by  increasing technological power and unlimited appetite for  market money  producing serious social consequences.

Mauduit Foundation intends to promote a transformation of the current energy-consuming socio-economy  and destructive narcissism, which seriously endangers and degrades the living conditions of future generations, in favour of a reasoned development based on a second generation socio--economic fabric.

Mauduit Foundation considers that in the face of the seriousness of this situation that conscientious volunteers try to counter in an associative structure whilst at the same time,  trying to cover all eventualities, it is necessary to evolve  an alternative by a radical substitution of the " old economy " by taking advantage of what science and conscience can provide to achieve this.

Mauduit Foundation's ambition is to initiate this movement by using an improvement in the legal system, the PBC (Public Benefit Corporation) which is based on a combination of three balanced objectives called the rule of 3P adopted for example by Danone in the USA:

                                              P = Profit, P = Person, P = Planet

Mauduit Fondation proposes to move from this little-known legal status to the PBC +, which combines the domain of participants of change, and whose whose foundations are ethical, with the best for humanity,hence to initiate the birth of a new socio-economic world.

In this context, M. Foundation intends to promote the growth of a healthy socio-economy by engaging itself legally and financially in the emergence of new technologies and social approaches, including a sustainable cultural evolution, the current political-socio-economic system being too stuck in power struggles, polluted by private and speculative interests to be radically transformed. It is therefore about giving people the means to take control of their future by allowing them real power over all consumption and the marketing pressure thus promoted. Then they can become part of a reasoned and collaborative approach which eventually will eradicate this cancer of "cupitalism" (see  forthcoming book, "Lucy to Lucy augmented").