1 - The sanctuarisation of the mind                                                 

Public, social, economic and spiritual organizations are  forbidden to appropriate , implant, or to transmit by any technical means, private data,into the minds of human beings ; they are also urged by Mr. Foundation to prohibit all indoctrination.


2 - The sanctuarisation of the body                   

Public, social, economic and spiritual organisations are urged by M.Fondation to impose the sanctuarisation of the body as a fundamental principle, to prohibit the non-voluntary merchandising of the body in an ethical context of respect for each other (publicity tattooing, etc ...).


3 - The inalienable sovereignty of people                             

Over their body and mind is supported by M.Fondation if it is exercised in strict respect one for the other.


4 - Sustainable development 

Public, social, economic and spiritual organisations with a social responsibility are urged to promote the concept of sustainable desire borne by Mr. Foundation and all its relays.

The COP 21 declaration of intent is, in fact, neither respected nor is it legally binding.

Moreover, it is appropriate to include in the declaration of the rights of Humanity the right to a life which bears a respect for all our planet's natural resources, notably water.