The Virtuous circle of M.Foundation
The legal structure of M.Foundation enables it to
function by its influence both on the constitution and, through
its holding, the management of economic tissue by creating innovations which come up against barriers to their
entry into the market which are sometimes artificially raised by powerful competitors, and even with the complicity
of public authorities. This economic tissue will eventually provide a financial autonomi acting as an accelerator in
confirming realisation of the virtuous circle of sustainable development.

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M.Fondation and its holding company MAUDUIT Ltd, identify alternative solutions which meet the criteria
compatible with with a sustainable development and, if possible, generating a circular economy in the universes of:             - "Blue Gold" relating to water             - "White gold" concerning materials             - "Yellow Gold" allowing optimised management of resources             - augmented digital technology consisting of an ethical Internet
  M.Foundation accompanies the first stages of implementation by initiating and

1. An agroalimentary effluent treatment in the west of France (blue gold)
2- A project to create fire-breaks and for desalination of sea water,in Caalifornia 100% ecological
(white gold)

3- A study for the construction of an "eco-lego" type of road in Africa (white gold)
4- A potential participation in the futuristic NEOM project in Saudi Arabia by proposing ecological and
recyclable concrete constructions produced by the association of desert sand and seawater in their
natural state (white gold)

5- An initiative to design a system of "home automation" (domotic)and societall management for
individuals, professionals and communities, based on
augmented digitalisation with the objective of
optimising the consumption of energy resources (electrical, human time, various resources
... )
(yellow gold)

6- A survey of medical knowledge and its value amongst indigenous populations ( green gold)

7 - A programme to establish an augmented digital technology and its uses (augmented digitalisation)