We have now entered the 3rd cycle of Human life on our wonderful blue planet: the civilisation of rationalisation.

The first cycle was a nomadic state, the 2nd was the settlement of people into groups which is coming to an end with massive industrialisation which is now exceeding the capacity of provision by our planet (see table (/images/notelucy.pdf) for the socio-economic evolution of mankind.

The philosopher, Michel Serres has summed up this transition in his expression 'Petite Poucette" (Thumbelina), in recognition of the new era of techno-communication, especially amongst the younger generation, by "thumbing' the keyboard.

M.FOUNDATION is accompanying the birth of this 3rd cycle ecosystem by working with  groundbreaking innovations such as "Blue, White, Yellow, Green and Neutral Gold"

In parallel, M.FOUNDATION is pressing for the creation of a responsible paradigm by proposing to bring about an evolution of the UN "Charter of the rights of Man" to that of "The Rights of Augmented Humanity"

This might allow nations to participate in the dynamic of sustainable development and a circular economy under the most favourable conditions and to achieve acceptable and progressive living conditions for every person on the planet, by graduallly reducing the differences in levels of resources between nations and individuals : differences which are often  the cause of conflict and migration. 

Finally, M.FOUNDATION launches and conducts specific actions aimed at relieving human suffering and at initiating the socio-economic and cultural development of lands in collaboration with authorities and living forces available (eg NGO's) by encouraging either individual or collaborative ethical initiatives .

It is to consolidate those conditions required to engage the virtuous circle of a fine future both for the current generation and those to come that M.Moundation has been created. As you browse this site and reflect on the content of our videos, you will discover the original and authentic material that has given rise to his process.


M.Fondation is investing in digital technology to connect people

M.Fondation supports the creation of an "augmented" digital device, which serves as a universal connector between individuals, organizations etc., .... It simplifies collective mobilisation, allows it to be published and recognised anywhere on the planet. It improves the quality and the agility of those communications needed for the healthy development of this century of communication

M.Foundation is directly opposed to any uncontrolled seizing of data, to all profilage of human beings, to any project that intends to link up connected objects to the brain in order to directly download data or to extract it, by using technologies which enable the piloting of an individual via his thoughts, without his or her express consent. In order to achieve this, M.Foundation offers an "augmented internet".

M.Foundation commends all forms of art (architecture, all forms of physical expression, music, painting, .etc....), in fact any form of expression that can be shared, capable of bearing emotions, and all forms of emancipation. Achieving these goals requires a strategy for creating a way of improving the socio-economic conditions of each one of us.


M.Fondation is investing to participate in saving the planet

 The material life of people revolves around three key resources:

  •  water which enables us to drink, permits  agriculture to feed us,  allows the production of timber, ... and ensures our hygiene,
  • materials used in the construction of sustainable habitats regardless of the prevailing climatic conditions,
  • energy, assuring comfort and mobility .

Even if, up till now, mankind has been content to draw on the natural resources that the earth has to offer, population growth throughout the planet plus an excessive and avaricious  industrialization will together condemn it to extinction unless we decide as a matter of urgency to modify it and  bring about a change in what is a hopeless pattern of behaviour.

In order to ensure a firm and realistic transformation towards a sustainable development, M.Foundation is using and promoting  innovations which will permit  the engagement of a real and serious alternative within the five aforementioned technical fields, notably « Blue gold », « White gold », « Yellow gold » "Green gold", "Neutral Gold"

M.Fondation invites you to take action for a new  sustainable society !!! ...

M.Fondation is initiating, supporting and relaying locally its action in support of the concrete and active creation of the new  society which alone can ensure that Mankind will survive the current devastation of the planet:

the society of "sustainable desire" within the context of the emergence of the century of "E.enlightenment"

We invite you to take an active part in this construction !!!

The century of E.enlightenment" is where each one of us, having recognised the impact  of our actions on the lives of others, ,by excessive consumption, by  the pollution we create,,by our antisocial attitude , ... decides to rebel against this fatalism and as a result,  decides to share with the whole community ,  his expertise, his passions, his energy, for a good and better way of life, both as an individual and as a member of a community, free to be a dreamer or be ambitious, with no frontiers and with no territorial discrimination.

This desire for mutualisation is embodied in the framework of the associations known as  "PO Associations". These local entities are supported by the National PO Federation  which acts as their representative and enables them to carry out large-scale actions.

eg: support for the updating of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which, under the auspices of  the UN, was signed on 10th December 1948 in the Palais Chaillot in Paris.

The example of socio-economic inclusion that we propose (of which the cultural domain constitutes a marker) depends on the irreversible recognition which the PO associations will be  promoting, notably:

« the inalienable sanctuarisation of the mind and body of every individual and the recognition of his right to sovereignty of this same mind and body, thus the sanctuarisation of the planet" with respect for third parties.

As you browse through this site you will discover the motivations and objectives we wish to connect you with so that you can specifically progress from being an internaut to becoming an "ethinaut".

M.Foundation, an associative structure totally independent of all forms of power, depends in its first phase on:

  • membership subscriptions,
  • donations and other operations which will enable us to create the base of resources needed to carry out our action.

In the second phase, local associations will be financed by the tools emerging from the work of M.Fondation thus enabling them to work within the context of the new century , the " century of E.enlightenment"